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Ahead of the Game

Oh yeaaaaaaaa
I'm finally caught up and a little bit ahead. Hopefully next weeks assignment is still Chapter 19.

CH 19 Map

CH 13B Map

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CH 7 Notes

Today we briefly discussed Digital Data. Digital data costs a whole lot and takes up a huge amount of time. There are lots of different types which include NCLD, DRG, DLG, DOQ and many more. I will have to study the power point notes to understand what all these abrevations mean.

The 1st Test

I just took a look at my grades for the 1st test. I studied for quite a long time for this tests about 2 or 3 hours a day for about 5 days straight. I was confident going into it but then after taking a look at some of the questions I got kinda scared. I was very happy when I got my test back today and had made an A. I'm still sleepy though.

CH 3

For Chapter Three's lecture we learned about geodesy-the study of the Earth's size and shape. We also learned about map projections. When you project maps you distort 1 or more of 4 properties. They are shape, area, distance, direction aka SADD =( . We also learned about datums which are reference surfaces used for mapping. Two commonly used datums in the US are NAD27 and NAD83.

CH 13A Map

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CH 2 Notes

Chapter 2 was way 2 long. In class we had a lecture on data models, it was pretty confusing, atleast to me. We learned that the two models are vector and raster. Vector models model points, lines, and polygons, which are features. Vector models things that have a distinct starting and stopping point, using symbology. It is a complex data structure. Raster data models continuous data such as temperature and elevation.
A big point was made on the difference between topology (a branch of geometry) and topography (the lay of the land) so I am writing this on here to make sure I don't forget this for the test.

GIS 2nd Blog CH 1 Lecture

My software is finally installed on my computer! Thanks to Professor Pete. I am very happy I didn't have to spend 100 dollars and buy a dvd drive. Things are looking up.
Here are some notes on Chapter 1. GIS helps gather and use spatial data. GIS components include hardware, software, data/info, protocols/procedures, and people. ARC Catalog is the file management tool for spatial data. ARC Map is used to edit/analyze and manage data. Points, lines, and polygons are used to display things on a map.

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GIS 1st Blog

Well, I've had a rough time in the class so far. My computer doesn't have a dvd drive so I haven't been able to install the software for this class. Luckily we finally figured out that was the problem, so now I just have to get a dvd drive put on my computer and hopefully the software with work. If not I think my head might just explode!

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